The Chaotic Arab World Has Nothing to Offer Israel Today in Any Deal

Behavioral science recognizes two types of responses to tense or threatening situations facing loosely-connected groups. The first is characterized by the group uniting under a charismatic leader who radiates power, wisdom, organizational acumen and the ability to protect his followers, after which the group forms a united front and prepares for a struggle against the […]

The Emirates Solution Embraced by Arabs

Mustafa Tusa is a French journalist whose family moved to France from Tunisia and who works for several French media outlets covering events in the Middle East. Tusa interviewed me about two years ago and I told him then that the emirate model is the only socio-political model capable of governing a functioning, legitimate Arab […]

The US Betrayal of Kurdistan Should be a Warning Sign for Israel

The Kurdish people have an inalienable right to their own national homeland just as other nations do. The Kurds are the largest ethnic entity in the world, numbering some 30 million people, which does not have a state of its own. Over three years ago, I declared – here on Arutz Sheva – that the […]

Now that ISIS Has Been Decimated What will the Future Look Like?

Based on all the signs, the Free Syrian Army forces, mostly made up of Kurdish and Syrian militias, are on the verge of liberating the city of Raqqa, the capital of the “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.” The question that emerges is how the aftermath of ISIS will look. The answer is threefold and […]