Hamas has betrayed the residents of Gaza

About a year ago I took part in a long and searching discussion of Arab-Jewish relations with several friends in an Arab city in Samaria. They were heads of leading hamulot (clans), traditionally the respected leaders of the local population. The meeting took place at the home of one of the city’s dominant sheikhs, over […]

Jerusalem was never the Capital of any Arab or Islamic state

Contrary to mainstream media reporting, Jerusalem has only been a capital city for the Jewish people. "History shows Jerusalem was never capital of any Arab or Islamic state" – Israeli scholar Dr Mordechai Kedar defends the controversial US embassy move pic.twitter.com/XMftA9r0I1 — Sky News (@SkyNews) May 14, 2018

Islam and the Muslim Mindset

Key points from the interview: From the beginning of Islam in year 610 CE it considered itself the religion of truth while Judaism and Christianity were considered religions of falsehood. This is taught in Muslim schools throughout the world (madrasa’s). The Koran has both violent, radical and extremist verses as well as moderate ones. There […]

Israel at 70: What Does the Future Hold?

Lecture for the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research on Israel at 70: What Does the Future Hold? Introduction by Dr. Frederick Krantz, Director at the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research and founding principal of Concordia University’s Liberal Arts College.

Hamas is an Abysmal Failure

Hamas: Full steam ahead to nowhere When the “Islamic Resistance Movement” – the full name of Hamas – took over Gaza in 2007, some pundits expressed the opinion, or more accurately the hope, that once Hamas has a state and is responsible for its drinking water, gasoline, electricity, employment and food, it will have no […]