Hamas is an Abysmal Failure

Hamas: Full steam ahead to nowhere When the “Islamic Resistance Movement” – the full name of Hamas – took over Gaza in 2007, some pundits expressed the opinion, or more accurately the hope, that once Hamas has a state and is responsible for its drinking water, gasoline, electricity, employment and food, it will have no […]

Palestinian Authority Will Collapse Without Abbas

The Palestinian Authority will collapse. The only solution for the “palestinian” Arabs is to emulate the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf states since they are the only Arab countries that are successful.

The Iranian Drone Over Israel is Only the Beginning

This past weekend, Israel experienced an escalation in the level of the conflict it is engaged in against the regular armed forces of Iran in Syria. It was Iranian forces, not Hezbollah and not any other Shiite militia, who sent an advanced drone, capable of espionage as well as bombing, into Jordanian and Israeli airspace. […]