Turkey and Egypt are Regressing

A century after the Ottoman Empire’s demise, it has been reincarnated. Once again, Turkey is conquering parts of the Arab World, with Syria serving as its current goal. Using the “war on terror” as its lame excuse, Turkey has managed, in the last two weeks, to take over a strip of Syrian land along the […]

New Ideological Blood for the Zionist Cause

Organizational Theory is a large and respected discipline in the social sciences which has given rise to research projects, books and countless articles. A large number of researchers deal with questions such as why organizations are established, how they work, what motivates their members, what problems they face and what causes some of them to […]

I Told the Truth on Al-Jazeera and Created a Storm in the Arab World

The most popular program on the Qatari-based channel al Jazeera is a weekly debate broadcast Tuesdays at 9p.m called “The Opposite Direction,” in which two people of diametrically opposite views on a current political issue are pitted against one another. The anchor, Dr. Faisal al-Qassem, a Syrian Druze, tries to heat up the atmosphere so […]