The Real Thing

by Mordechai Kedar Many ideologies have passed over the Mediterranean Sea on their way to the Arab world, and each time a new ideology arrived, many thought that it would be the ideology, with a capital ‘I’ that will unite, organize, form and lead the Arab world into European-style modernity. The nationalism (loyalty of the […]

The Division of Syria

by Mordechai KedarSyria comprises 14 administrative districts that reflect the demographic distribution of the population. The source of the map is: The ‘Alawites in the West: in the districts of Latakiya and Tartus – the Mountains of Ansariyya, the mountains where the Alawites have inhabited for the past thousand years.2. The Kurds in the […]

A Question of Sovereignty

by Mordechai KedarFor generations, countries in the Middle East have been in the “cross-hairs” of the Western countries: Europe, the United States and Canada. The colonialism of the previous centuries resulted in the conquest, control and exploitation of natural resources. During the twentieth century, colonialism underwent a change of character. It became characterized by political […]

The Death Throes of the Lion

by Mordechai Kedar Everyone knows that the family name of the previous president of Syria and his son, the present president, is “Asad”, “Lion” in English. Those who are acquainted with matters in Syria know that their original family name is “Al-Wahish”, or “Wild Man”, but Bashar’s grandfather changed the family name to “Asad”, in […]

An Old Governmental System in Formation

by Mordechai KedarExactly one year ago, on the 25th of January, 2011, great masses of Egyptian youth began to stream into Al-Tahrir Square (Tahrir = “Freedom” from the British occupation) in protest against the tyrannical and corrupt rule of Husni Mubarak, who occupied the seat of power for almost thirty years. He was the fourth […]

Frustration and Extortion

by Mordechai Kedar  In just a few days the Egyptians will mark one year since the outbreak of their revolution, whose only success has been – so far – the removal of Mubarak. The parliamentary elections that were held in recent months might also be called a success by some, but they were a disaster […]