An Old Governmental System in Formation

by Mordechai KedarExactly one year ago, on the 25th of January, 2011, great masses of Egyptian youth began to stream into Al-Tahrir Square (Tahrir = “Freedom” from the British occupation) in protest against the tyrannical and corrupt rule of Husni Mubarak, who occupied the seat of power for almost thirty years. He was the fourth […]

Frustration and Extortion

by Mordechai Kedar  In just a few days the Egyptians will mark one year since the outbreak of their revolution, whose only success has been – so far – the removal of Mubarak. The parliamentary elections that were held in recent months might also be called a success by some, but they were a disaster […]

Thank You, Hamas

by Mordechai Kedar This week, Isma’il Haniye, Prime Minister of Hamastan-Gaza went for a visit in Tunisia. This was a state visit, according to the official invitation sent to him by the Tunisian government, whose ruling party is an ideological twin sister to Hamas. The name of this movement is An-Nahada, (“Awakening”), referring to the […]

Drums of War in the Gulf

by Mordechai Kedar Even a deaf person can hear the sounds of the past two weeks regarding Iran and the challenge that this country poses to the world, because the severity of the Iranian expressions and those who oppose them increase from day to day. On one hand, official Western bodies, mainly the United States, […]

2011: The Year of the Arab Winter

by Mordechai Kedar What happened this year? This year six Arab countries experienced severe shocks that brought about the fall of some rulers or serious threat to their rule. The process began at the end of 2010, and continues until today. The First: Tunisia In the beginning of 2011 a wave of optimism washed over […]

Iran – The Failed Islamic Revolution

by Mordechai Kedar The area between Bangladesh in the East and Morocco in the West is full of illegitimate countries, all of which were established by British, French or Italian Colonialism. Within each country, the borders of which were drawn by the Colonialist occupier, are many types of groupings, including ethnic, tribal, religious, and sectoral, […]