Saudis and Muslim Brotherhood

Why the Saudis and Muslim Brotherhood Hate Each Other

By Dr. Mordechai Kedar Saudi Arabia was once a haven for Muslim Brotherhood leaders who fled persecution in Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraq. Now the Saudis are pouring money into Sisi’s regime in order to destroy them. Hamas…is caught between the hammer of Sisi…and the anvil of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Emirates. This is […]

Qatar Detached

  by Mordechai Kedar   The meaning of the root [q-t-r] in Arabic is to tow, and in Hebrew it is to create steam. Because of these two meanings Eliezer ben Yehuda named the apparatus that tows a train “Qatar” (steam engine), because it tows the train and creates steam, meaning hot air. The Qatar’s […]

Iran Serves Israel by Attempting to Fight the Reality in Gaza

by Mordechai Kedar I will begin with a comment: This article is not based on information because I do not have such data. It is just an analysis based on media reports. Every Israeli media outlet is giving extensive coverage –and rightly so – to the capture of the long-range missiles shipment from Iran to […]

Mursi vs the Brotherhood and the Shifting Balance of Power

  By Mordechai Kedar Since the days of al-Tahrir Square in January 2011 all Egyptians agree that today democracy is the name of the political game in their country because for many long years of the regime of the officers –since July 1952 – it was dependent on the mercy of a dark and cruel […]

Hizb’Allah is Getting Ready for the Big Bang

  By Mordechai Kedar   There are two main reasons for the smuggling of strategic weapons to Lebanon: One relates to Iran, Saudi Arabia and Israel, and the other relates to al-Qaeda and the Salafi jihadist organizations, both of which are parts of the “big bang” that Hizb’Allah is preparing for.   According to sources […]

The Tribal Paradigm – They are Finally Beginning to Understand

  By Mordechai Kedar   Thesis: tribally oriented Middle Eastern societies benefit from being partitioned into homogeneous tribal units   I will begin on a personal note: I sometimes wonder if the things that I publish on this honorable stage reach decision makers in Israel, the Arab world or the world at large. I am […]