Islam and the Muslim Mindset

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Key points from the interview:

From the beginning of Islam in year 610 CE it considered itself the religion of truth while Judaism and Christianity were considered religions of falsehood. This is taught in Muslim schools throughout the world (madrasa’s).

The Koran has both violent, radical and extremist verses as well as moderate ones.

There is only one Islam but there are different Muslims. Both moderate and radical Muslims read the same Koran, Hadith (oral traditions) and Sirah of Muhammad (the life of Muhammad) but use different parts of it.

Radical Muslims emulate the first century of Islam when they were beheading people, burning people, selling daughters of Infidels into slavery and breaking and destroying remnants of other religions which are viewed as Infidel religions. So they are actually walking exactly in the footsteps of 7th century Islam and can form radical groups such as ISIS, Al-Qaeda etc.

Later Islam became more moderate because of various reasons. So the radicals view what later came into Islam as some kind of deviation from Islam.

They go to the origin, to the fundamental ideas and ways of conduct of early Islam. To how Prophet Muhammad “peace be upon him” and his immediate followers behaved . And this is why they call themselves The Caliphate, just like those Caliphs which replaced Muhammad right after his death.

They base their deeds on the sources of Islam. So coming to say that they are detached from Islam or deviation of Islam is incorrect. This is what they read in their own holy books.

In the Middle East your religion is the most important characteristic which defines you, unlike in the West.
If you’re a Muslim, you’re legitimate. If you’re not, go away! Vanish! Especially if you’re a Jew!

This is also a clash inside Islam. 98% of victims are Muslim. The rift between Shia and Sunna: they are fighting each other for 14 centuries on the succession of Muhammad. This struggle between them started when Muhammad closed his eyes forever in the year of 632 CE. And they kill each other in mass until this very day.

The Shia are considered by the Sunna to be a real deviation of Islam. They went out of Islam and deserve any punishment which will be inflicted upon them by the Islamic State.

Then come the others: the Infidels: the Jews, the Christians, Buddhists, and the Yazidis whose daughters are being
sold and their men are being slaughtered. And the Alawis in Syria.

Muslims can give peace to Infidels, but only temporarily peace. Only as long as the Infields are too powerful to be defeated.

This is based on the precedent of prophet Muhammad who made temporay peace with the infidels of Mecca in the year of 628 CE, whisi is known as a Hudaibiyah peace. That peace agreement was signed for ten years. After two years however when the Meccans fell asleep at the guard, he attacked in the year 630, TWO years into the 10 year agreement, violating it.

Muslims learn from this precedent two things. The first thing is that when you as a Muslim cannot defeat the Infidel,
you can give him peace for a while, just like Muhammad did.

Second thing is: when Allah “with mercy” gives you the opportunity and the ability to get rid of the Infidel, you DO it! Even during the temporary peace. Why? This is how Prophet Muhammad did in Mecca.

So yes we have now temporary peace with Egypt. That peace which we signed with Egypt in 1979 was justified by El Azhar, the Supreme Islamic institution in Cairo as a kind of Hudaibiyah peace. Al Azhar gave Saadat a verdict (fatwah) for the peace with Israel. Only because the Infidels are strong.

The second time that we heard about Hudaibiyah peace was from Arafat. When he signed with us the Oslo agreements in 1993 he justified it as another version of Hudaibiyah peace. So definitely they can give us a temporary peace only as long as we are invincible.

And you know what? I’ll buy it! But we need to make sure that Israel is invincible forever! So the temporary peace will be forever. And this is the problem with BDS and many others in the West. By criticizing and weakening Israel they are actually decreasing the chance for peace in the Middle East.

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